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Nov, 2018

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05 May, 2022
bright colors and lovely material !  read more »

great sound

22 Apr, 2022
I love how it shows the percentage of remaining battery on the case. Quality nice sound and fast charging read more »


05 Apr, 2022
i was having neck pain from watching my phone with my head down all the time. My hands were tired. this support is a life saver  read more »


15 Nov, 2021
Such a cute tree topper and the lighting it makes on the ceiling is great ! read more »


11 Aug, 2021
Very sturdy! Great quality . read more »

seem sturdy

26 Jul, 2021


26 Jul, 2021
Great quality and very stylish .Totally recomend  read more »


09 Jun, 2021
solid material. seals tight . looks chic read more »

life saver

09 Jun, 2021
this is literally life saver at the beach! baterry lasts long wnogh to inflate all the beach toys . Its so and samll it fits in my purse . plus its rechargable!! love it!  read more »

great style

19 May, 2021
great style and the view is amazing  read more »

great price

01 Apr, 2021
Looks so great too. Perfect for gift  read more »

Great quality for an affordable price

10 Mar, 2021
I already had the satin pillow cases but I read so many good reviews about the silk ones I just had to try them. These are great and affordable  read more »

great dd to my jewelry display

10 Mar, 2021
Holds all of my earrings which now are easier to find . Looks sturdy and classier than my earing box  read more »

good quality

26 Feb, 2021
Good quality and nice design. Hangs up really quickly  read more »

Great lil cleaner

26 Feb, 2021
Was actually quite impressed. Picks up lil dirt stuck between the keyboard  read more »

Great light

09 Nov, 2020
Awesome addition to décor. Works both for Christmas decorations and all year long  read more »


09 Nov, 2020
best option to belt. Doesn’t press on my tummy and holds the pants up  read more »

Good for the beach too

30 Oct, 2020
I wanted a nice looking beach towel to sit on and this is amazing! Sand doesnt stick to it and I got lots of compliments on the pattern  read more »


09 Sep, 2020
This little kit has everything I need for my felting projects. Fast shipping time. Thank you! read more »

works great

09 Sep, 2020
Works so ghreat I bought a second one . Plan on using it for halloween. Cant wait!  read more »

Helps a lot

03 Aug, 2020
Definitely saw an improvement in my eyebrows. I didn’t use it on my eyelashes (personal preference)  read more »

really sturdy

03 Aug, 2020
Even after almost 3 months since I purchased it its still very sturdy . Make sur eto clean the surface before you apply it . read more »


27 Jul, 2020
To use to clean and keyboard looks so clean read more »

True to size

08 Jun, 2020
True to size and great design  read more »

not impressed with quality and sound

25 Feb, 2020
Transferred video clips are enormous in size - a 3-min clip was almost 1.5 GB. So, one 60-minute 8mm tape would take 30 GB. read more »

style ok

22 Jan, 2020
Not exactly my style so I returned it but it seemed good quality  read more »


05 Nov, 2019
Wise tiger is the best .i own 3 of its products and they all work great  read more »

great lights

25 Oct, 2019
Found these and decided to purchase them, and I have no regrets! They are really bright, rechargable and have multi functional patterns. read more »


21 Oct, 2019
Can't tell if this is glass or plastic, it doesn't feel cold to the touch like glass normally does and feels too light to be glass, but it might just be really thin. I wish it was a little big... read more »

Get these, don't get biore

02 Oct, 2019
This far exceeded what I was expecting. I have used biore strips the past 10 years and thought those were the norm. read more »

Lots of picks

02 Oct, 2019
Much easier to use than string floss. This is a great pack as it comes with 2 travel cases of different sizes. read more »


25 Sep, 2019
Omg this is magic it hurts a lil so don’t use it more than once in a week, but omg! Is magic read more »

well designed

15 Aug, 2019
The mode is very well designed. It comes with a funnel to pour water in, but I didn’t even need it. Just used my faucet to fill it. The balls did not take very long to make in my deep freezer an... read more »

Great light

06 Aug, 2019
Looks amazing! The 3 lights really do the job. The magnifier is a magnet so it can be easily attached to the big mirror . read more »

Not for me

18 Jul, 2019
I'm sure its a great product but just not for me read more »


18 Jul, 2019
Small package and efficient cleaning .No break-outs after . I have sensitive skin read more »


04 Jul, 2019
My kid loves them  read more »


04 Jul, 2019
They look great and they seem sturdy read more »

comfy no smell

14 Jun, 2019
makes my belly sweat. doesnt smell and its very comfy read more »

great taste

27 May, 2019
Love the packaging and it tastes good :) read more »

Great humidifer

27 May, 2019
Great capacity and awesome functions. Shuts down when it rans out of water. Add a few essential oil drops and relax  read more »

Helps a lot

22 May, 2019
Used during tennis match. Awesome support . Doesnt smell bad either  read more »

never received it

22 May, 2019
But great seller. Refunded :) read more »

Spare saver

22 May, 2019
No more cords, extensions! This is it! 1 plug usage only . Great ! read more »

Ok for the price

22 May, 2019
Clear image even at night. Gave it 3 stars cause it keeps disconecting  read more »

quick connect

14 May, 2019
Instalation so easy. Quick connects to phone. Great! read more »

Thumbs up

14 May, 2019
Havent tried it yet but seems sturdy and I like that it can cut garlic into slices too!   read more »


14 May, 2019
Charges fast and can charge up to 3 x the battery of a phone read more »

lightweight awesome

06 May, 2019
Amazing product. doesnt tangle, its light and just perfect for training  read more »

the best so far

31 Dec, 2018
its my 3rd fitness tracker watch, my son keeps loosing them, and its by far the best one yet. And it looks great too ! read more »


26 Dec, 2018
Excelent price for slime. I gave them as presents . Loved them :) read more »

#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Cossac Planner 2018

05 Dec, 2018
Its an absolut must for all the busy moms joggling with work,appointments, soccer practice, playdates &meetings. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.  read more »

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