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19 Nov, 2020
Very long lasting battery,superb sound quality . Very happy with it !  read more »

Good quality

06 Nov, 2020
Brilliant quality ,easy to use and to wash , strong good size piping bag . read more »

Brilliant !

06 Nov, 2020
Great light ,very bright and easy to use .  read more »


06 Nov, 2020
Sharp and sturdy scissors as described  read more »

Brilliant light

06 Nov, 2020
Very bright ,easy to use and great price  read more »


21 Feb, 2020
Good amount of light ,high quality ,just as described  read more »

Great product

21 Feb, 2020
Great product ,high quality . read more »

Superb !

21 Nov, 2019
Superb quality and design . Big like !  read more »

Nice bag , but very bad smell inside ..

21 Nov, 2019
Bag is lovely ,matches description picture but very weird smelling fabric inside the bag ,smells nearly like fish .. read more »

Would be beautiful if not see through

21 Nov, 2019
Lamp would be really nice and beautiful , good quality tripod ,looks really lovely when it’s off,but once you turn it on it’s all see through and you can see bulb and everything insid... read more »

Love these

13 Nov, 2019
Cups are good quality , absolutely love them . read more »


22 Oct, 2019
Works perfect ! Watching my dog when I’m not at home,good quality streaming  read more »

Had to cancel my order

27 Aug, 2019
Sorry I had to cancel my order , I don’t think it with the money as it’s battery powered and batteries would cost to much to use everyday  read more »

Quality horrendous

27 Aug, 2019
Very poor quality , see through nothing like in the picture .went straight into the bin  read more »

Works perfect

27 Aug, 2019
Nice design ,easy to connect ,works perfect.  read more »

Didn’t last to long

27 Aug, 2019
cables not very good quality , started to glitch after few days of using,one didn’t work at all   read more »

Works perfect

08 Jun, 2019
Fast charge , good lengtht,strong and works perfectly  read more »

not to stong...

11 Mar, 2019
lasted for about a month and then started to glitch ... a bit disappointed ,not very durable  read more »

lovely !

11 Mar, 2019
just as described ,perfect for kids on a long journeys !  read more »

mirror shine ,ellegant design

11 Mar, 2019
Great quality ,mirror shine ,elegant design,stainless stell . Would definitely purchase full price ! read more »


11 Mar, 2019
Great quality ,mirror shine ,elegant design,stainless stell . Would definitely purchase full price ! read more »

great quality

11 Mar, 2019
Great quality ,mirror shine ,elegant design,stainless stell . Would definitely purchase full price ! read more »

Present for someone with braces

22 Dec, 2018
fantastic product ,purchased for my son ,he is wearing braces .powerful and fast . Works as described ,great price ! Wouldn’t purchase before for full price but after testing i defnately would !... read more »

Nice ,but could be better quality plastic

22 Dec, 2018
Works just fine ! I use it not as soap dispenser but as liquid dish washer near the sink .. works fine ,but plastic seems to be so cheap,if you drop it would easily break .. would love this product if... read more »

Good product easy to open

22 Dec, 2018
Great idea ,no need to poke in the bottom of the bag ,just open and everything you need is in the front of you !  read more »

Fantastic !

22 Dec, 2018
Great quality strong and durable bag ,large good size ! Kids so excited they think it came from North Pole :)  read more »

Great walkie-talkies but one is faulty .

22 Dec, 2018
Would of give 5 stars ,distance signal is fantastic ,sound quality is great too ! However have to tell the true - one out of 4 of them is faulty and you can turn it off without taking batteries of ..&... read more »


17 Dec, 2018
Very pretty mask and gloves . Purchased it as a gift , packaging could be nicer ..velvet bag or something instead of plastic bag  read more »

Fantastic tracker !

07 Dec, 2018
I previousy purchased many trackers from amazon .. some of them were ok some of them were so so ... and some of them completely rubbish ..I also own good blood pressure monitor and compared to  m... read more »

Fantastic !

06 Dec, 2018
Amazing quality earphones and crisp clear sound ! Powerful loud sound ,comfortable and long lasting battery .  read more »

Warm and cosy

03 Dec, 2018
Thick ,soft and warm baby socks .lovely quality -perfect for cold winter days . read more »

Warm super soft and fluffy !

03 Dec, 2018
These socks are super comfy and very soft . Lovely quality,nice and warm  ! read more »

Very cool !

03 Dec, 2018
Very cool light ,my teen son loves it !easy to use , dimable,with timer ,colour changing ,nice and bright !  read more »

Fantastic !

11 Nov, 2018
Fantastic clay ,I never knew something like that existed :) ! Lots of fun for girls , easy to make jewellery ,key rings and so many things ! Many colour choice and all colours bright ,vibrant and... read more »

Wow ! Just Amazing !

11 Nov, 2018
Fantastic clay ,I never knew something like that existed :) ! Lots of fun for girls , easy to make jewellery ,key rings and so many things !  read more »

Super soft !

11 Nov, 2018
Very soft scarf ,looks like it’s hand knitted . Good length ,comfy and warm ,great Christmas present for my dad ! :)  read more »

Fun game !

11 Nov, 2018
Toddler loves it ! Very good price ,musical toys usually expensive !  read more »

Great quality !

11 Nov, 2018
Very good quality hair trimmer , easy to use ,good battery life . read more »

Nice !

11 Nov, 2018
Lovely stretchy gloves,however faux leather imitation looks a bit cheap would prefer without it ,but apart that good quality gloves  read more »

Beautiful !

08 Oct, 2018
Stunning tea lights looks fantastic ! Pitty it arrived without original box as shown in display photos ,so  couldn’t be bought as a gift .. read more »

Beautiful gift !

03 Oct, 2018
Purchased these candles as Christmas gift for friend . They are gorgeous and smell very natural ! Nicely boxed ,great gift !  read more »

Good size ,nice colours

03 Oct, 2018
Lovely mats , nice colours and good large size .looks gorgeous ..only down side if doesn’t look like it’s washable but apart that it’s lovely  read more »

Great activity for kids !

27 Sep, 2018
My baby loves it ! Probably first toy she played with for more than half an hour ! Took it on holiday to play on a plain , magnetic part good for smaller babies and my older son loves drawing board&nb... read more »

Works as desribed

27 Sep, 2018
Good quality and size , light is bright ,looks fantastic on driveway ! read more »

Awesome !!

13 Sep, 2018
This squishy is biggest one I’ve ever seen !! So awesome !  read more »

Works perfectly

31 Aug, 2018
Works just as described ,great quality and price for heater and 3 bags of wax beans . Less painful procedure than using plasters. read more »

Just as described !

22 Aug, 2018
Purchased this wax warmer for my friend as a birthday gift .she is delighted with it ! Great quality ,with spatulas ,wax beans ,price is great !  read more »

Brilliant !

17 Aug, 2018
Great power bank , strong battery ,solid .wirelles charger works perfect,little bit slow to get charged but all wireless chargers I had are slow so it don’t really matter .  read more »


17 Aug, 2018
Beautiful lamp , only with little deffect-  it’s a bit wobbly . read more »

Nice but very small

06 Aug, 2018
Love this light ,perfect for baby room ,however if I would be purchasing this for my bedroom it’s very small .bigger size would be much better . Anyway for baby room it’s just perfect ,col... read more »

Works great !

06 Aug, 2018
Plate works great even like a bowl ,for stew and soups. Suction is strong and safe . Great quality !  read more »

Fantastic quality

29 Jun, 2018
quality of this chair is fantastic for the price ! Defiantly seller can sell it for bigger price !  read more »

Very pretty

21 Jun, 2018
Very pretty table, love The design and the size , it fits even in my bathroom. However there was little minor scratches on the wood with paint off and doesn’t look very sturdy but for that&rsquo... read more »

Lovely quality

06 Jun, 2018
Love this jug/carafe. Not using to much space ,stops fruit from falling into glass ,great for coctails ! read more »

Great product

27 May, 2018
Love texture of this hyaluronic acid , it doesn’t leave oily skin ,absors perfectly also works as a primer before applying foundation  read more »

Nice quality

29 Apr, 2018
Good quality , sound and stereo is clear and powerful . Would give 5 stars but see through ear bud plastic looks a bit cheap and thin .. however quality of sound is great . read more »

Great fun !

29 Apr, 2018
Great pruduct,many Settings ,bright colours .  read more »

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