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Mar, 2022

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Worked for 5 minutes...

30 Oct, 2022
Worked for 5 minutes... I know nothing lasts forever but it should last long enough to pump up on tire! Sending it back.  read more »

Powerful Things come in small packages...

05 Oct, 2022
I've been using this charger for 2 days now and it's awesome! 30 watts of charging power in an 1" x 1" cube. It charges of my Samsung cell phone about 20% faster than the fast c... read more »

Poor Quality

29 Sep, 2022
I was very disappointed with the quality of the watch, the display was very pixelated and looked like it was starting to delaminate in a corner. The over all feel of the watch was "cheap" fe... read more »

Fully Charged!

28 Mar, 2022
I have a riding lawnmower, a battery start gas powered pressure washer and 2 motorcycles. At least one of batteries is dead when ever I try starting it... That's a thing of the past, this charger... read more »

Good things come in small packages...

20 Mar, 2022
I love this little charger. As soon as I received it in the mail I had to test it out. I've been disappointed by so many others before, over promising under delivering or cooking my phone while ch... read more »

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