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Feb, 2018

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I am a software engineer and an electronic lover. I really like to check new products and inventions and review them.
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cool charger

12 Oct, 2018
It works perfectly for usb C iphone and android charging  read more »

nice grill

12 Oct, 2018

nice cover

12 Oct, 2018

cool charger

12 Oct, 2018

nice one

12 Oct, 2018
It's good for bicycle and balls and its really fast read more »

very ncie

12 Oct, 2018
good materials read more »

Nice invention

12 Oct, 2018
it is really cool product for preventing hairs spread all over bathroom. read more »

it's alright

02 May, 2018
it is a good device and engine works great for warming and different forms of vibration. read more »

great stylus

02 May, 2018
this pen works great, it has an acceptable precision and battery life after the charge is quite good, well it's not as good as native pens for the pen-enabled devices but in general, for normal ta... read more »

very good battery

25 Apr, 2018
So far, so good. I'm on my third charge with the USB charging port on my Galaxy S7 edge and it charges so fast. This is easy to hide in my pocket and I can even shove it into my back pocket while... read more »

very comfortable cover

25 Apr, 2018
I bought two different type of this cover one for my MTB bike and another for the trekking and I am really happy with both, they remove 60 yo 70% of pain from riding your bike and it make the riding m... read more »

awesome bike seat

25 Apr, 2018
Well, I recently bought two item like this and I used it on my bike and my gym spinning bikes, always fits well. It makes hanging out in the saddle 45 minutes do-able. it's priceless, this to... read more »

awesome headset

19 Apr, 2018
It works amazing, best headset there is.Very comfortable, easy to use.Set up was easy.Works great with Galaxy S7 Edge, crystal clear sound with great noise reduction feature.Charges quickly,... read more »


19 Apr, 2018
I picked this up to replace an older slower adapter we had on our spare desktop computer. Thanks to the new connection, the old computer now outperforms the newer laptop and tablet! We should have pic... read more »

great portable battery

19 Apr, 2018
This power bank is amazing, well you couldn't expect less from 12000mAh of power right?. It can charge up almost 2 to 3 times my Samsung Galaxy S7 to 100% (the last one was charged up to 97% and t... read more »

simple but really cool for kids

10 Apr, 2018
I bought this for my 7 years old niece. Well, she really loved it she was making lots of different things with the combination of different shapes and also she had very happy time writing with the cha... read more »

Awesome backpack

10 Apr, 2018
This backpack honestly has been one of the most simple yet creatively made backpacks I have ever bought. well, it's simple elegant with a variety of storing spaces. The smart idea of having a usb&... read more »

Awesome Portable Speaker for Your Shower or Picnic

20 Mar, 2018
Do you enjoy listening to music at home? Do you like to do it also while taking a shower? With this Bluetooth speaker, it’s more than possible since it has an awesome sound and an impressive vol... read more »

Amazing Camera lens for your phone

25 Feb, 2018
well, I was very doubtful about these kinds of products but this one changes my mind completely. This lens comes in 2 different attachable parts that the first one is used for a super macro photograph... read more »

Very good Capo

22 Feb, 2018
This Capo has a very good grab on guitars' string and the springs are soo tight and it seems very high quality. I used it for a week and I really like it. read more »

Neat and stable Holder

11 Feb, 2018
What I really like about this holder is its stability, well I am just using it for a week and I am not 100% sure that if in long term it stays the same but comparing to the other 3 holders that I had... read more »