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Love these balloons

12 Sep, 2018
Very sturdy me big balloons. The colors vary and are bright. Thank you again  read more »


01 Aug, 2018
Cute and they stay in. I don’t have to worry about no messy glue or eyelashes being ripped out.  read more »

Durable and very helpful

23 Jul, 2018
This item is great for the iPhone 8 and newer, since they removed the ability to charge and plug in ear phones this gives me the extra room. Thumbs up! read more »

Charges fast

20 Jul, 2018
fast charge and small enough to hide from my boss. Easy to install. Love this product  read more »

Best purchase ever

19 Jul, 2018
So I got this because my backyard screen is messed up. I set this up and it works amazingly, keeps ants and bugs out while having the glass door open.  read more »

Super awesome

01 Jul, 2018
Very convenient and easier than using the old fashion way. I can add more eggs to my cooker  read more »

Absolutely in love

29 Jun, 2018
This is seriously the best charger I have ever purchased. I am planning on getting one for each family member as it charges fast. read more »

Love the fact the end is turned

29 Jun, 2018
I appreciate the fact that the cord has the plug facing the opposite which prevents the cord from ripping easily.  read more »

Absolutely loved this protector

23 Jun, 2018
I got my iPhone 8 about 2 months ago and most of my glass protectors have cracked or lifted from the phone. This one survived a heavy metal concert. That speaks volumes! Absolutely loved this gla... read more »

Strong lead

23 Jun, 2018
i normally I through a lot of leashes because my beagle walks me. This one is pretty darn strong to keep him in line.  read more »

Awesome base

15 Jun, 2018
Great sound with good base. Comfortable in the ears and doesn’t get annoying like a lot of ear in buds. ❤️  read more »

So far so good

11 Jun, 2018
I’ve been using this for a week and has left my hair soft and I enjoy the feeling plus I’ve noticed less hair falling out.  read more »

Great coasters

11 Jun, 2018
these coasters work great and absorb the moister from the cups. I wanted these because they are plastic and won’t break if the fall. My previous ones broke and I loved the idea of this pro... read more »

Awesome and feel safer

11 Jun, 2018
Although I am thankful I haven’t had to use the glass br alert part for an emergency purpose. I did test it out on some thick glass and it did shatter so I know I will be safe if I never need to... read more »

Perfect for my backyard

11 Jun, 2018
they are long and work beautifully for my backyard summer time parties.  read more »

Strong support

03 Jun, 2018
German shepherd dogs are fast and strong. This leash has been able to withstand my 1yr old GSD. Who takes me out for walks. Strong support and very durable.  read more »

Very helpful

03 Jun, 2018
Works great on my iPhone 8. I hate the phone not having the ability to charge and have headphones at once. Now I can and it's been great being able to be old school again.  read more »

Gorgeous mirror

24 May, 2018
I don't have a vanity and I needed a mirror that is like a mirror on a vanity. Being a makeup junkie this works beautifully to make sure I get my makeup on point. Definitely worth it. read more »

Great sun protection

24 May, 2018
Texas heat! That's all I gotta say. This has been awesome for keeping my seat at a good temperature. My seats and steering wheel are not on fire as soon as I get into the car. I can't wait to... read more »

Stand perfect for workdesk area

22 May, 2018
I've used various phone stands and this one is exactly what I needed. It's sturdy and leveled for my iPhone, I can watch videos with no unbalancement where I have to tilt it to make it straigh... read more »

Great wireless headphones

17 May, 2018
so I got these because I need to listen to music at night to sleep and these are great and comfy. The sound is adjustable to my liking and they charge quickly. #BLOGBOOSTER read more »

Great and sturdy

16 May, 2018
got this bad boy because I live in Texas and we have 100* heat. This item was easy to slip on and non slip on the hands. read more »

Absolutely loved it

15 May, 2018
Got this for my nephew and has been running it on for hours. Thank you! Gorgeous product  read more »

Very sturdy

08 May, 2018
I used this on my beagle who is a hyper brat and she takes me for walks. Very sturdy. Thank you  read more »

Great knife

24 Apr, 2018
Very light and sharp. Works like a charm. The handle is light so it  is easy to handle.  read more »

Perfectly sized

24 Apr, 2018
Everyday is Halloween at my house. It looks awesome.  read more »

I need more of these

08 Apr, 2018
I have 3 beauty addicts in my house and this item is absolutely amazing! I cleaned over 20 brushes in 2 hours which something like this can take all day. Definitely will refer this to friends  read more »

Perfect for school

08 Apr, 2018
Great product for my daughters Mac since they only come with 2 ports. This is a great help! Thank you read more »

What I needed

29 Mar, 2018
It's what I needed for my apple. I am able to add more extensions for school. Thank you again  read more »

Very very helpful

20 Mar, 2018
honestly the coolest accessory for my iPhone 8. I can listen to music and charge my phone at once.  read more »

Perfect for my Mac

01 Mar, 2018
It works awesome. Needed this for my new mac and was the exact item needed. Thanks again #BLOGBOOSTER read more »

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