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Nice leggings!

07 Feb, 2022
Really cute and love the design, had to return for a size up first pair was too small but overall great pair of Leggings! read more »

So many colors!

27 Jan, 2022
I've seen so many people using these lights on social media especially TikTok and I love the effects it creates. When I saw this one that not only had the orange sunset color but multiple colors I... read more »

Love them, great quality!

16 Dec, 2021
I've been wearing them for about a month now consistently and even through sleep and the shower they haven't turned color, fell out nor have I had any allergic reactions and I have very sensit... read more »

Love it!

27 Oct, 2021
Great addition to my outfits I love it!  read more »

Great bottle and sturdy!

27 Oct, 2021
I got this water bottle for my boyfriend because I have a 32 oz one and he liked it so I got him a 64 oz since he drinks more water then me. I used his bottle everyday and the markings on the side to... read more »

Great tripod

19 Oct, 2021
I bought this tripod to take my cosplay photos and it's great. Comes with a carrying bag and remote for taking photos yourself. I love how it's adjustable and the clip that hold your phone has... read more »

Great addition to any anime fans room!

19 Oct, 2021
This light is so dope! I have it in my game room and it's amazing. It can be plugged in or run on batteries, comes with a remote and 3 interchangeable pieces with Itachi, Kakashi and team 7 from N... read more »

Beautiful lights!

19 Oct, 2021
Beautiful star projector and this one is in the shape of a basketball which is pretty neat. You can change the color of the lights. Creates ambiance in any room, good for kids or adults I have it... read more »

Compact and convenient

19 Oct, 2021
We bought this for when we want to take our Switch non trips but it's so much easier and compact then the large dock we normally use. We're going on vacation next week and plan to try it... read more »

Versatile and comfortable

19 Oct, 2021
Very nice and came with two, I got a white one and a black one. It's very stretchy yet snug and is super simple for daily use. read more »

As advertised, great supplement!

19 Oct, 2021
Taste like apple cider vinegar but the taste isn't too over bearing. It's a great supplement to add to your daily regime. read more »

Such cute charms!

19 Oct, 2021
I used these to decorate my crocs with and they're perfect! So cute and really glammed up my crocs. read more »

Delicious and nutritious

17 Sep, 2021
My boyfriend and I have been wanting to get some of these supplements for awhile and when I saw this brand we decided to go ahead and try them and really like them. We take them along with our other d... read more »

Absolutely LOVE IT! Soooo comfortable

09 Apr, 2021
This is one of the best purchases I've ever made! I've had my hoodie blanket for a few weeks now and I wear it everyday lol. I'm the type of mercy who's always cold and my boyfriend us... read more »

Nice size dispenser, couldn’t get to dispense

09 Apr, 2021
Overall it's a nice dispenser, but once I put soap in mine and batteries the button lights up and changes color for the mode selected and when I put my hand underneath the light comes on to signal... read more »

Just as described, nice size!

09 Apr, 2021
Very nice multipurpose rack, I bought it for some of my spices, sauces and olive oil to go on and it was perfect. Nice and sturdy metal with plenty of space, larger then I expected but it was perfect... read more »

Amazing quality and color!

24 Mar, 2021
There's so many different designs to choose from and they are high quality. The colors are nice and can be used to at some flare to anything, if you're an Among Us fan you'll love them! read more »

Nice insulated bottle, but display fell

13 Feb, 2021
This bottle is really cool and keeps stuff hot or cold for a while and the display is very handy. I also love that it came with a little bottle pouch/holder for easy carry. But after a week of using i... read more »

Nice and set, love it!

13 Feb, 2021
My boyfriend and I have been using it for a few days to really get a feel for how well it works. I haven't really sweated lately or done anything exercise related but he works out and teaches... read more »

Beautiful light and great settings

03 Jan, 2021
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this projector and it was a bonus it having a speaker on it. I had seen the popularity grow online and really enjoyed the calming effect of the projector s... read more »

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