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Oct, 2016

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Seed trays

19 Oct, 2017
Although these are good for growing seeds. Maybe for a couple of uses.  They are not heavy duty. The trays where stuck together tightly, it took a bit to take them apart. The quality is not as de... read more »

Great sound

19 Oct, 2017
The headphones are comfortable noise canceling. The sound is very clear. Quality made for long lasting use.  #RankBooster  read more »

Hot or cold

14 Oct, 2017
The water bottle keeps hot or cold for you. I left the water and ice overnight. It still had ice and the cold water. It kept my hot tea for a very long time as well. I li e it!! read more »

Grill and bake

14 Oct, 2017
You are able to bake and grill on this mat. I like that you can use both sides of it. It holds up well on the grill. It's just have for grilling. I've even tide it in the toaster oven. Cl... read more »

Wonderful pill organizer

11 Oct, 2017
You are able to organize pills for up to four times a day 7 days a week. Easy to use bright colors made very well. This is the best pill organizer I have seen thus far. Made with good materials w... read more »

Clothes line

11 Oct, 2017
I bought this to hang out by the pool for towels and Suits to dry. It is quality made great materials used. It will last a long time. I love the choice of colors that they have. Came quickly.  ... read more »

Marinating meat and kneading dough

11 Oct, 2017
I found this is wonderful for marinating meat. I tried using it for kneading the dough. It is easier for me to knead the dough on the counter then the bag. I make a lot more bread so I need more room... read more »

The slicer and Crusher!!

11 Oct, 2017
I love the slicer and Crusher. You can cut a pill in half, and you can crush it for those who can't swallow a pill. It is very easy to use Easy to clean. Made very well not cheaply made at all.... read more »


11 Oct, 2017
Although I really like the spatula. After washing and drying it the wood seems to dry out. #RankBooster  read more »


17 Sep, 2017
The cards are beautiful. They are thick and made of nice card stock. The pictures have vibrant colors looks hand painted. Different designs to choose from. Is Not the typical thank you card. You'l... read more »

Smooth glide

17 Sep, 2017
The case is beautifuly made. Nice thick material, holds all color pencils a sharpener and there is room for more color pencils. When using the color pencils it is a smooth glide. Everything is made wi... read more »

Perfect size

17 Sep, 2017
This lunch box is the perfect size. The bottom is wide not narrow. So it holds more. The inside is easy to clean. Each the best size. Made with quality materials. #RankBooster read more »


17 Sep, 2017
I love these plugs. They work wonderful with any charger. They charge perfect. I have no problems with thus item. Worth the money. read more »


17 Sep, 2017
I love the color it's very bright. I should not lose this one. It works very well it has a snug fit when pluging. I get a good charge for my phone. #RankBooster read more »

You wo t m

16 Sep, 2017

Yoga pants

10 Sep, 2017
The yoga pants did not fit as expected. I even got a size bigger. Even with getting a size bigger they did not fit they were too small. Although it is made with quality material I wish the sizes would... read more »


10 Sep, 2017
These are easy to put on the truck. I love the pink glittery shiny Shimmer that they have. The quality of the dice are of hard acrylic. The valve caps stay in place I've had no trouble with them c... read more »


10 Sep, 2017
The super sharp blades make it easy to slice potatoes. So preparing dinner is quicker than ever. The steel blades are quality made. It is so easy to clean. It has a storage container to keep everythin... read more »

Slice grear with ease

10 Sep, 2017
The greater is so easy to use, it's as if your cutting butter. It so smooth. Your able to do vegetables and cheese you can slice about anything. It is easy to clean. It has interchangeable blades... read more »

Comfy warm

10 Sep, 2017
This beautiful, colorful pullover. It is warm and very comfortable. Made extremely well wonderful material. It fit as I expected it to. Arrived very quickly. #RankBooster read more »

Perfect for HTC

05 Sep, 2017
I live it , it works great for my phone. It's hands free to be able to talk to someone on the speaker phone when busy. Easy to plug in works great. I have no comaints. The price was right. read more »


03 Sep, 2017
Soooo very easy to clean, cookies come out perfect. With the cookies not sticking is great. They are quality made to perfection. This is a need to jave for tjose who love to bake cookies!! read more »

The Best chopper than the rest!!!

03 Sep, 2017
WOW!!! So easy to use and clean. Unlike other choppers, this one has a slanted top the pushes down. With the angle it is easier to clean the food out if it gets stuck. Each different blade chopper or... read more »

Super slicer

02 Sep, 2017
So easy to use and clean up. It cuts easy into the water melon. You are able to help it with slicer and pull it out. Made with a good steel.  read more »

Sharp point

02 Sep, 2017
Wonderful sharpener it leaves your lead with a sharp point. It comes with extra blades and a container to keep them in. You also receive a screwdriver. Quality made NOT cheap plastic.  read more »

Hydration for the Run

01 Sep, 2017
The backpack for the water is excellent it keeps the water in the bladder no leaking no sweating. The backpack is comfortable stays in place, does not slide around slip off. The construction of the ba... read more »

Great for pool time

31 Aug, 2017
I really like this for the phone. I have no trouble using it to make calls or play on it. The only trouble I have is getting the phone on the bag. I have to take the case off to get it inside. It'... read more »


30 Aug, 2017
These are comfy yoga pants. Easy to do yoga in and workout in. They are made very we with quality fabric. Fits as expected. Colors are vibrant! read more »

Sweet diffuser

30 Aug, 2017
I live this diffuser it is wonderful. It has lovely colors and the right amount of mist. It turns off once the water is gone. It is very easy to clean. You are able to turn the lights of if you chose... read more »

Cool as a cucumber

09 Aug, 2017
This keeps you nice and cool while you workout go on a walk or run. Quality made. read more »


09 Aug, 2017
Absolutely love it. You can keep all your credentials in one place. They are safe with the protection RFID BUILT IN. read more »

Bright pliable sculpting clay

10 Jul, 2017
I like that it is pliable and easy to mold. I used to put around my crochet hooks for confront. The bright colors make the crochet hooks beautiful and not so plain. The sculpting tools that came with... read more »

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