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Dec, 2016

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Great easy to use !

10 Nov, 2018
Cant say enough great things about this product.  I am a proud owner of two Xplus diffusers and it is a product that i would definetly recommend .  Three different hours settings with colors... read more »

Stylish and comfortable

10 Nov, 2018
I really like this one out of all the knee sleeves that i have tried. The only problem i had with it is that is rolled down my leg. Thinking maybe if it was a bigger size perhaps that it might fit a l... read more »

Stylish and quiet

10 Nov, 2018
Beautiful wood looking finish ,looks beautiful sitting any where in your home. Super quiet with three different settings to choose from . Also features coloring changing lights which are a great featu... read more »

Very Bright and easy to use moon lamp for your desk .

06 Nov, 2018
I was expecting it to be a little larger, pictures can be decieving . But despite its small size , i really enjoy having the moon sit on my desk . Comes with its very own stand plus charging cord. Mak... read more »

Amazing Easy to use Fitness Tracker.

23 Apr, 2018
Was Eactly what i was looking for in a fitness tracker and so much more ! I have had so many compliments on how stylish and sleek it looks. Some are surprised its a fitness tracker. Has helped me ... read more »

Bright colorful and very easy to set up .

08 Dec, 2017
Offers two ways to set up in your yard on a stake or on  small stand that is attached to the projector. Comes with very easy read instructions and changing disk is fast an easy. There are so many... read more »

Durable and fun chew set

08 Dec, 2017
Excellent chew toy set for dogs.  My dog has had endless hours of chewing enjoyment from this set. She loves to fetch and chase the toys through out the house. Her favorite has become the rope ba... read more »

Durable and comfortable BBQ gloves.

25 Nov, 2017
Soft inside and out. I could almost use these for winter gloves there so comfortable! Well made and comfortable on your hands . Good for when your out cooking on your grill or even if you want to remo... read more »

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