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Aug, 2017

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I'm a wife and mum to 5 children ranging from 3 weeks to 16yrs.
Family is my world, I do enjoy my own little hobbies, but I spend a lot of time trying to do things with my kids.
With so many of us at different age ranges we have lots of interests including, gaming, arts and crafts, sewing, crochet, knitting, variety of sports activities, fitness and diy to mention a few.
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Well made, good size

03 Sep, 2018
this box is a great size, it fits a whole range of medicines and other products, with 5 children ranging from baby to teen I’m impressed that this can hold the large range of products I have, th... read more »

Lovely quality top nice material looks great

03 Sep, 2018
Lovely top paired with a pair of leggings or jeans it looks amazing, very well made top, it’s not what I would call a jumper it’s not really thick it’s more of a well made tshirt typ... read more »

Works exactly as described, good quality

02 Sep, 2018
so easy and simple to use, it’s well made and charges easily, I use this on a daily basis and have found my skin is looking much softer with less spots which is exactly what I was looking g for.... read more »

Better quality than the original iPhone charger and better baluen

02 Sep, 2018
a good strong robust cable, the wire feels thicker than the original iPhone charger and it’s longer making it more practical if you don’t want to sit hugging the wall while using your... read more »

Handy tool so many uses every tool box needs one

02 Sep, 2018
already used this for several different things including having a peak down the sides of the sofa, it’s well made and good value its the type of tool you’ll use more than you realise befor... read more »

Gorgeous little cosy blanket, soft and lightweight

02 Sep, 2018
i love this little swaddle it’s perfect for my newborn with lots of room to grow, it’s not mega thick but not flimsy thin, it’s perfect the xkness in my opinion, I can put my daughte... read more »

Great multi use stand, great value and quality

02 Sep, 2018
My son loves this, he uses it with his phone, iPad and switch, it’s well made strong and sturdy, no worries over putting expensive equipment in it. I’d highly recommended men’s this... read more »

Good quality, good size, good value

02 Sep, 2018
These are strong and large enough to hold quite a bit. One basket holds 2 packs of nappies, 6 packs of wipes, creams and lotions, nappy sacks and a few other bits, perfect for nappy changes for my tod... read more »

Does exactly what it says it does

02 Sep, 2018
Well made and works exactly as described. My sons going through the dreaded spotty stage and this is proving to be a god send, it genuinely works I was a little sceptical but I’ve been pleasantl... read more »

Great value, great design worth every penny so easy to ise

02 Sep, 2018
rhis is so simple put the case on and forget about it u too you are running out of battery, you don’t need to remember to charge the case making it the ideal case for me as I would forget. I spe... read more »

Genius idea, good quality and mfi certified

02 Sep, 2018
Great value for money, these come in very handy for my teens who have apple devices and controllers that require the micro usb, we keep one in the car too, I love having two cables in one, makes it ea... read more »

Great toy, hours of fun and well made

02 Sep, 2018
love this its not too big making it ideal to play with indoors, all the family can have some fun with this, I love that it’s 3 games in one, my 2 year old loves the fishing game and the quality... read more »

Stylish well made, they look and feel great

02 Sep, 2018
Comes in a nice little case, these feel and look well made, I would definitely recommend these they’re very comfortable and work exactly as expected, great for driving in. read more »

Lovely material, well made very soft and great design

01 Sep, 2018
Lovely material very well made and a nice cute design. Would definitely recommend these read more »

Great gaming mat, high quality good value

01 Sep, 2018
Would highly recommend, great sturdy mat made to a high quality for a great price  read more »

Not worthy of one star useless

01 Sep, 2018
Plug isn’t a proper uk plug meaning it needs to be forced in and then the switch to turn the plug on is covered in a half onhalf off position so who knows if it would work if it would fit in the... read more »

Came without a power cable making it useless

01 Sep, 2018
can’t rate something that came missing an important part. Didn’t work and had to return read more »

Good quality comfortable/luxurious feel with amazing sound quality

01 Sep, 2018
These are my sons and husbands favourite headsets out of the many they’ve had and tried, they’ve got an expensive feel to them. I’m trying to think of any flaws but there really isn&... read more »

Love everything about this case!

22 Aug, 2018
good quality case, strong and sturdy without being too bulky, I particularly like the fact the case and phone charge at the same time meaning my phone lasts 2-3 times longer than it normally does. The... read more »

Great set of controller grips

22 Aug, 2018
good quality set of grips, works exactly as they should, would definitely recommend  read more »

Top quality case, protection without making it bulky

22 Jul, 2018
love this case, my son who’s 9 has a bad habit of dropping his switch so this is a must buy item for us, even after he dropped it on a hard floor there’s not a mark on the switch or the ca... read more »

Good for the price does what it needs to do

18 Jul, 2018
Not a bad product for the price, it does what it needs to do no complaints here read more »

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