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May, 2018

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Great way to keep kitties active

04 Jul, 2019
I love it,  mama cat loves it, the two kittens love it. It's the perfect entertainment when ur home or away. U can power it by AA battery (not included) or the USB cord that comes with it. Th... read more »

Solid set for basic home cuts

23 Jun, 2019
I bought this just to have something to trim my wigs with and for that purpose it works great. I love the case that came with it b makes for easy storage. Inexpensive and effective. I would recommend. read more »

Sturdy solution for viewing pleasure

27 Mar, 2019
My boyfriend is always dropping his phone. As if that isn't enough to make u want to do something about it, he also complains all the time about having to hold the phone when he's watching vid... read more »

Beautiful piece

28 Dec, 2018
Gives off a great ambience. Its pretty and my daughter loves it. Easy to charge and use remote. Wide color options for lighting effect   read more »

Sturdy and straight

28 Dec, 2018
I haven't Actually hung my shelf yet but so far I'm impressed with the brackets. They are constructed well and seem quite reliable. I think they will hold up the shelf I need perfectly. I... read more »

Serious pigment

27 Nov, 2018
Blown away by the pigmentation of this palette. The colors are rich and gorgeous. For the price it is well worth the purchase. Fantastic formula. read more »

Creamy, lighter colors could have been a little more pigmented

16 Oct, 2018
Overall I'm happy with this product. I do feel like there was not enough pigmentation on the lighter colors. If you use your finger they are a little more noticeable. The darker colors and the shi... read more »

Pigmented but chalky

16 Oct, 2018
The colors in this palette are very pretty. The formula is a bit chalky but they blend ok. The colors are quite pigmented and even more so when u use a wet brush. All in all I would order again cause... read more »

Fantastic unit and at such a reasonable price

05 Oct, 2018
I am so happy I stumbled across this unit. Its so thick and voluminous. The quality of the hair is amazing, it feels  so real. The color is beautiful in fact it looks way better than what is... read more »

An adorable alternative to those cheap plastic motel caps

05 Oct, 2018
These shower caps are so cute. Aside from the visual aesthetics, however, they are super efficient at protecting your hair so that it stays dry in between washes. The elastic band fits snug but n... read more »

Rotation: does it really make for better masturbation?

17 May, 2018
This was my first time taking one of these rotating playmates for a "spin" (pun intended) and let's just say it had it's "ups and downs" (sorry couldn't resist) Righ... read more »

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