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Not for mare than paper...

10 Jan, 2020
This is a very lightweight roll of double stick foam. It's more quantity than quality. Good for posters, but nothing more than 1-2 lbs. read more »

Amazing Bag!!!

01 Jan, 2020
This bag is durable and sleek. read more »

Great Battery!

28 Dec, 2019
As of yet, this battery has been reliable and charged my phone multiple times!!! read more »

Nice, but too big for the wrist.

27 Dec, 2019
Made it as small as I could and it was too big.  read more »

Too small!

27 Dec, 2019
Undersized. Did not fit. read more »

Cute gloves!!!

27 Dec, 2019
Made a great stocking stuffer!!! My son loved them!!! read more »

Great Cables!!!

27 Dec, 2019
Perfect size to link a battery, strapped to the side of an Oculus Quest to the unit! Highly recommend!!! read more »

Small and Hard to Light...

27 Dec, 2019
This looks like a lamp, but it's a small resin statue. The lightbulb lights up when you press the top, but doesn't stay lit. Cute, but not worth the price. read more »

Love these sunglasses!!!!

19 Feb, 2019
Sturdy and stylish!!! Been asked in many occasions where I got these sunglasses. Look like a star with these!!!!  read more »

Sorry to say...very uncomfortable.

19 Feb, 2019
I purchased this for a plantar facitis wart that I have. It only caused more pain!!!! Not for everyone. Know what your buying. read more »

Best Umbrella I Ever Owned!!!

19 Feb, 2019
Sturdy and compact... this umbrella is what you need for a windy rainstorm. Auto close feature is so helpful when running inside from the storm. Took a real beating in the last thunderstorm and s... read more »

Made life so much easier!!!

28 Dec, 2018
Had such a difficult time finding charging heads for my devices. This made everything so much easier!!!! One plug, 4 wires....everything charges quickly!!!! read more »

Works...with one issue.

23 Nov, 2018
Needed this for our road trips. So many times I found myself searching for a gas station in the middle of nowhere to fill my tires. This has come in quite handy. The only issue is...if it says it... read more »

Do not work!!

23 Sep, 2018
plugged them into my IPhone 7 Plus...They did not work at all. Disappointing!!!! read more »

Incredible item!!!

13 Aug, 2018
Buy this, you won’t be disappointed!!! read more »

Love this!!!! Files from my PC to my Iphone in a flash!!!

13 Aug, 2018
You are cheating yourself not buying this! This is the best item I’ve bought in a while!!!! read more »

Broke on first trip!!!!! All our stuff got moldy from the rain!!!

13 Aug, 2018
Seriously, I wish I could recommend this, but it broke the first time out!!!! We have to buy a new one to get home from vacation!!! read more »

I consider these THE PERFECT SUNGLASSES!!!

13 Aug, 2018
light weight and durable, these are the perfect glasses. They fit any face shape and look great! read more »

Let’s my little one be the star!!!

13 Aug, 2018
My little guy moves the phone camera around too much when he’s filming. Letting him wear this when we’re exploring allows for a much steadier video! Also great for relaxing with the cell p... read more »

Great Colored Pencils!!! Work Beautifully for Sketching!

13 Aug, 2018
was looking for a set of colored pencils to make my sketches come alive! This is an amazing set!!! read more »

Use these to keep my cellphone mounted at home and work.

13 Aug, 2018
Strong and sturdy. These mounts allow me to keep my cellphone mounted at work, in the car, and at home! These are so useful! read more »

Great Headphones!!! My Favorite So Far!

13 Aug, 2018
use these headphones for the gym every day!!! They are comfortable and have a great sound! read more »

As Speakers Go...This One is Durable and Has A Good Sound!

13 Aug, 2018
Does what it is supposed to do! Powerful and portable. I recommend it! read more »

Quality Screen Protectors!!!

10 Aug, 2018
These screen protectors fit great and is very durable. The phone dropped right on it and there was only a small crack on the top! Highly recommend these! read more »


03 Jul, 2018
Wore this around my neck today (It was sooooo hot in NY!!). Kept me cool for a few hours!!! Love it. read more »

Easy put together, great hamper!

29 Jun, 2018
It took five minutes to put together. The laundry bag un-Velcro’s and off to the laundromat you go! The bag is if. I’ve quality and has two compartments dark/light. There’s even mesh... read more »

Does what it says!!!

28 Jun, 2018
This cargo net is great for holding luggage down in the back of your suv. Gives piece of mind that nothing will fly forward. Great quality and value! read more »

Makes night driving so much easier!

19 Jun, 2018
I have issues seeing at night. This has made night driving so much easier.  read more »

Great Zoom!!!!

17 Jun, 2018
Takes great zoom pictures!!! It sets up quickly and does what it’s supposed to do. Sturdy and well made! I recommend it. read more »

Very delicate nosepiece. My sunglasses came broken.

04 Jun, 2018
Purchased two pairs of these sunglasses. The ones with the silver, mirrored lenses came broken. The nose piece was broken off in the package. The metal frames feel sturdy, but the choice for a paper c... read more »

Nose pieces are very delicate...mine came broken!

04 Jun, 2018
Purchased two pairs of these sunglasses. The ones with the silver, mirrored lenses came broken. The nose piece was broken off in the package. The metal frames feel sturdy, but the choice for a paper c... read more »

Works as expected!!!

01 Jun, 2018
Who needs smart light bulbs when you can get smart plugs? These plugs work perfectly with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot! I can know turn my kids bedroom lights on from the living room so they are n... read more »

Great Bluetooth Headphones!

14 May, 2018
Clear sound, pairs with no issues.  The included memory card slot is the draw....just put mp3s on it and play them!!!! Very happy with the purchase! read more »

Amazing quality!!!

12 May, 2018
Was shocked when this arrived! It is A high quality dinosaur! The detail is amazing. It’s heavy and the tail is pointy so I had to tell my son to be careful with it, but he loves this T-Rex!!! I... read more »

Works perfectly!!

12 May, 2018
Works exactly as expected. Plugged hdmi into television, other end into phone....wala! Phone on television. Was able to use STARZ and Comedy Central apps on tv. Have not tried anything else yet.&... read more »

Amazing sunglasses!!!

12 May, 2018
Gotta say, these sunglasses (shape and brand) are top notch!!! Durable,fits almost any shape face (they looked great on my wife as well as myself!!), and lightweight. The brown color has the perfect a... read more »

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