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Nette Kordel. Funktioniert gut

14 Aug, 2020
Haben die Kordeln für unsere Vorhänge gekauft. Sehen gut aus und funktionieren. Kein chemischer Geruch. Man kann sie knoten..:) Durch einen Coupon sehr günstig bekommen. (unter 2&... read more »

Schönes Holzspielzeug

14 Aug, 2020
Habe diese kleine bunte Kiste mit einem Coupon günstiger bekommen. Vernünftige Qualität.  Nur etwas klein.  Die Kids spielen gern damit. read more »

Sehr schöne Haarbänder

14 Aug, 2020
Habe Sie für meine Familie gekauft. Was soll man sagen. Sehen gut aus und funktionieren gut. Habe sie mit einem Coupon günstiger bekommen. Trotzdem, vernünftige Qualität. All... read more »


14 Aug, 2020
Die Seifenspender arbeiten sehr gut. Integrierter Akku kann über  micro USB aufgeladen werden. Einfach 1/3 Flüssigseife einfüllen dann  Rest Wasser und man hat ergiebigen Seif... read more »

Works good. Easy to use.

06 Jul, 2020
I bought this a few weeks ago. It´s easy to use through a built in pump and a vent to deflate and inflate. So you dont´need a special Pump. It drys quick. (used in a little pool) I reco... read more »

Didn´t work at all

06 Jul, 2020
After several Hours in the Sun , it didn´t work at all. Just a few seconds some water came out. Then it stops... Wouldn´t buy it again. read more »

They look very nice

08 Jun, 2020
These Patches work good. There are different Sizes. They can be easily applied with an Iron. They look good (nice Pictures for the Kids) an neutral blue for Jeans). I got them cheaper through a Cou... read more »

It works ok .

04 Jun, 2020
It´s agood case for the Iphone and aou can charge it seperatly through pushing the Button on the back. In my Opinion you can Charge your Phone one or two times with this. 6000 mAh is not realist... read more »

poor quality.

18 May, 2020
This thing didn´t work at all.Nothing happens, and the Batteries were new. read more »

It works well.

18 May, 2020
The G4 Lamps work good, they are not warm white. How long they will work, ??. For the Price i recommend them. read more »

Works good

18 May, 2020
These G9 LED are dimmable and bright enough for my Purposes. I got thie chaeper through a Coupon. How long the LEDs will work, we will see. read more »

Bright as xenon

27 Apr, 2020
Works best on my bike. Cars can see and recognize you! Highly recommended for any bicycle.  read more »

Big is beautiful

27 Apr, 2020
Works very good and is not going to be tired any time. Highly recommended.  read more »

Works good

11 Mar, 2020
looks good, tight fit, nice color. read more »

Poor Quality

14 Feb, 2020
I got this cheaper with a Coupon. It is poor plastic Quality but it works, but not very well.  Better invest a few bucks more... read more »

Ist völlig in Ordnung. Polster könnten stabiler sein.

10 Jan, 2020
Sehr schöner und auch großer Rucksack, mit vielen verschiedenen Fächern und Ablagemöglichkeiten, Laptopfach etc vorhanden. Sogar USB und 3,5 mm Klinke führen in den Innenraum... read more »

Ideal for little Kids

10 Dec, 2019
They Leds work very well. very bright, you can adjust the blinking modefrom color witching, pulsating etc The gloves are a bit small. I got them cheaper through a coupon.  Ok for the Price. read more »

Looks good. lots of stuff for repairing

09 Dec, 2019
I got this Bicycle repair Tools a few month ago. It´s slim and fits in a pocket so u can transport it very easilly, If it works good i really can not say anything about... because my bike did... read more »

Slim nice wallet but.... i didn´t use it anymore

09 Dec, 2019
It is practically and slim. It has enough space for cards. It has no extra pocket for cash or money bills, but there is an iron bill holder. i got this cheaper through a Coupon. It´s no... read more »

it came and didn´t work

09 Dec, 2019
I got this Thing cheaper through a coupon. Quickly arrived, but it never worked. The only thing wich worked was the Light on the remote... it was blinking well... read more »

Works silent and very well!

11 Nov, 2019
I got this Sous Vide Stick last week. I used it once and it works very well! The Water Temperature is quickly raised from cold to the programmed Temperature. Then the Timer starts to work. The Stick i... read more »

Good bright Daylight LED Lamp

09 Nov, 2019
It´s very bright. You can dimm it and you can change the Light Colour.  It is very partable and tiny (like a 7 inch E reader). If it works in the Wintertime and has an Effort on my healt... read more »

Good Charger

09 Nov, 2019
The QC works well. I´d wish there would be more usb C charging Ports (for the Future). It looks good and has a good build Quality. The blue Led  is always on and may disturb you in the nigh... read more »

Poor sound and a few other things

09 Nov, 2019
The Earbuds have a poor Sound quality (no bass/mushy sound) They have no r/l smark on it so you have to search how to put them in. Conecting between Smartphone and Buds doesn´t work every time.&... read more »

Lots of Tools

05 Nov, 2019
I was surprised how many different Bits and other stuff is in such little Box. For Smartphone Repair for Example it should be work great. About the Durability i an not say much. I got this cheaper... read more »

Nice Tatoos for Kids

05 Nov, 2019
The Tatoos are tiny. The Kids love them. there are enough Tatoos for example a Kids Birthday. Recommend Them. read more »

Best Usb C to Lightning Cable!

05 Nov, 2019
 Use it with a Usb C 15Watts QC Powerbrick and an Iphone . It charges 50 % in 50 Minutes. It´s well made and looks very good and durable. Not comparable with this cheap plastic Cables!... read more »

Works good

05 Nov, 2019
I got this thing for my Car. It works good. no need to suck it on the window. It sits tough. The Smartphone doesnt fall down. read more »

Helles Licht mit Halterung und Akku

16 Sep, 2019
Ich habe dieses Set  seit einigen Wochen in Einsatz. Die hintere rote LED ist sehr hell und hat verscheidene Modi. Sie wird mit einer Knopfzelle betrieben.   Die vordere lampe kann als... read more »

Ist ok. Könnte stabiler sein

22 Jul, 2019
Habe dieses Teil für ein 13 " notebook gekauft. Ich dachte es wäre aus Metall. Es ist aber Kunststoff mit Pappe?! Sehr wackelig und wenn man den Winkel nicht perfekt trifft klappt es zu... read more »

It works very well.

17 Jul, 2019
i bought this 3 Port Usb Station a few days ago. You can load 4 Devices simultanious. I tested it with three ios devices, Idpad, phone etc and one wireless device.  They all charge in normal s... read more »

poor Quality lightly to scratch.

03 Jul, 2019
I wanted to use this glasses as a Protection for outdoor stuff like hiking. But it has a poor Quality. I never droped it and carried it in a bag, but there were many scratches now on it on the in... read more »

Good brushes.. but don´t fit

13 Nov, 2018
This are good brushes. But they dont fit on a aiyabrush!! read more »

POWERADD super Product

08 Nov, 2018
Bluetooth Taststur für Ipad Air2 passt 100 % ig. Koppelt einwandfrei. Hält magnetisch! Beim anheften per Magnet koppelt er wieder automatisch und zeigt direkt den akkustand an. Mit der... read more »


30 Oct, 2018
Sehr schöne qi Ladestation aus Metall! Gummi stopper auf der Unterseite. Oberseite mit Kunststoff/Gumi beschichtet. Rutschhemmende Struktur. Super! OPTISCH TOP! Läd schnell. Blaue Led bei... read more »

Nettes smartes Armband

02 Oct, 2018
Ich habe dieses Armband durch einen Coupon günstiger bekommen. Es lies sich sehr einfach einrichten und mit dem Smartphone koppeln(Android) Man muss nur die entsprechende App runterladen. E... read more »

Magnetisch aber kein voller Schutz.

28 Sep, 2018
Ich habe diese Hülle durch einen Coupon günstiger bekommen. Ca. 1 €. Sie sieht sehr chic aus. Die Funktion ist auch gegeben. Leider fehlt in der Hülle ein weicher innenschutz. D... read more »

it works.

28 Sep, 2018
Well what should i say . I got his through a coupon for round about 1 €. It works. You can press beef to a flat Burger thing.. But u can also do it with your hands.. And that is for free. read more »

Not so slimy as expected.

28 Sep, 2018
We got this little slime Macarons look a like things a week ago. My daughter likes them a lot. Different Colours which look nice. Smells a bit strange, but ok. It can be used like dough. after one... read more »

Sehr hell. Bewegungsmelder funktioniert gut

18 Sep, 2018
Ich habe dies Solar Lampen auf dem Hof in einer Einfahrt installiert. Sie leuchten hell, und der Bewegungsmelder reagiert gut. Bis jetzt alles ok. Kompakte Bauform ca 15 x 15 cm Lädt s... read more »

Battery Charger including Accu Pack works well

18 Sep, 2018
I received it a few days ago. It charges AAA and AA Battery´s 8 pieces in a row. You have to load a minimum of two equal  batterys to load them. When it´s charging the light t... read more »

LED Bicycle light

18 Sep, 2018
I mounted this on a Kids bike . The Quality is poor. Cheap plastic. The front light is not reching very far. The Back light, can´t be mounted properly. its not tight enough eventhough the screw... read more »

AAA Battery

01 Sep, 2018
They are pre loaded ready to use. They work. I Use them for a night light.    read more »

It works . but only for Women!

01 Sep, 2018
I got this litte shaver for my wife s fine unvisible face hair. It works. It needs an AA Battery. Quality could be better. 16 € is defintly to much. It´s more like 3 €. I Got this t... read more »

works good

01 Sep, 2018
I got this vakuumbeutel for Sous vide for free. They work well.  read more »

Sehr klein arbeitet sehr gut!

20 Jul, 2018
Der Bluetooth Transmitter arbeitet sehr gut als Empfänger oder Sender! Ist sehr kompakt ca 3x 3cm. Koppelt sich schnell und zuverlässig. Klangqualität ist gut. Er besitzt einen in... read more »

Bright Light with movement Sensor

01 Jun, 2018
I´v got this a few weeks ago. It works very well. It´s bright enough for the Purpose. It´s not dimmable. You can switch between Movement Sensor or integrated Timer. You need 4 bat... read more »


24 May, 2018
I received it a few days ago. It fits perfect to children´s heads. Easy to adjust the size.  I am fully satiesfied. Thanks read more »

poor Quality no Leather..

24 May, 2018
I received it two days ago. It´s poor Quality, no genuine leather, smells like chemical stuff. I would not recommend iit eventhough i got it for a much cheaper price... read more »

Nice and safe even for children

24 May, 2018
We received the Fan very qick.  For using You need 2 AA Batterys.  The Fan is quiet and has soft Propeller wings so nobody gets hurt when they put their Fingers in it (Children). th... read more »

Nice Idea. Sounds Strange

11 May, 2018
It works very well. It´s nice and cute and the kids love it. It´s funny. We got the monkey Saving Money Box . But the Sound is very loud and sounds (Should be monkey) a bit strange.. Bu... read more »

Nice Color powerful opening

24 Apr, 2018
It is nice and has a powerful opening.. I think you can hurt somebody when You hit him...till opening zhe Umbrella. We will see how it works when its raining...   read more »

Good Bottle for sports or Outdoor Activity

05 Apr, 2018
I’ve got this bottle a few days ago. It’s good for sports, or just for outdoor or outside Activities. Nice Color and good Quality. It’s practically.  for kids as well.  read more »

Super Bürste

29 Mar, 2018
Die Bürste ist sehr gut verarbeitet. Das Holz ist sehr glatt und angenehm. Der Griff ist extra nochmal mit einem dickeren "Garn" umwickelt für die Griffigkeit. Die Borsten sind... read more »

Gut für unterwegs..

27 Mar, 2018
Diese Powerbank hat zwei USB Anschlüsse. es ist möglich zwei Geräte gleichzeitig zu laden. Zusätzlich sind 4 weiße LEDs zur Anzeige des Ladestandes vorhanden. Aufgeladen w... read more »

A battery no Battery Pack!

21 Mar, 2018
When u take a look on the design u will think o good Lithium Battery Pack. Good Price. Buuut its not a battery Pack! It can not be reloaded. It can only be used once! Yes it´s my fault not to re... read more »

Battery but no Battery Pack!

21 Mar, 2018
When u take a look on the design u will think o good Lithium Battery Pack. Good Price. Buuut its not a battery Pack! It can not be reloaded. It can only be used once! Yes it´s my fault not to re... read more »

We will see ...

21 Mar, 2018
The Set fits for my bike. The Front led ist bright. u can switch it between on/ off or blue... But Blue is not allowed in Ger as Front Light. How long the included Battery Pack will lasts ..we will se... read more »

Bright Light

15 Mar, 2018
Very bright LED . You can focus on a specific Area by pulling or pushing it at the Lens on the front. Don´t know how long the Battery´s work. Got it 3 Days ago.   read more »

Loud Sound

10 Mar, 2018
Ziemlich lauter Brüll Würfel. Von der Größe her größer als gedacht, ca so groß wie eine 1 Liter Packung Saft.. Ziemlich laut, klanglich aber eher mitten lastig. W... read more »

Super for the Kids!

08 Mar, 2018
Magnetic , playable for the Kids.  Works on the Fridge. Nice Colours. Sweet  faces. Good price. Eben with  a chalk Board included! read more »

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