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Nice quality wall clock

08 Aug, 2021
We haven't had a wall clock in years, but I really loved the way this Qukueoy 12 Inch Silent Round Wooden Wall Clock Rustic looked and I am happy I purchased it.  The clock face is flat... read more »

Pretty Color - but transfer speeds very slow for USB 3.0

08 Aug, 2020
The color of this flash drive is a nice vibrant purple (pictures don't do it justice).  Drive was detected on the Pixel 2 with the case on, but does not fit on Samsung Tab S5E with the... read more »

Looks nothing like Images before purchase

20 Jan, 2020
My daughter is a huge space fan and when i saw the galaxy pendant A (primarily purple galaxy with some blue), I knew she would love it.  However this is just a swirl of some purple and blue. ... read more »

Super Cute

03 Jan, 2020
These Double O-Ring Gold Buckle belts are really cute.  It was really nice to pick up a two pack that has both black and brown.   They look nice with jeans and dresses.  The pictures ar... read more »

Great for Craft Projects

03 Jan, 2020
These are great straws for craft projects. Used them to launch paper rockets in a preschool class.  Nice color scheme - would be great at christmas time.  #pevor #rankbooster #sponsored.... read more »

Great for Craft Projects

03 Jan, 2020
Didn't purchasse these Paper Stripe straws by Zinnor straws for drinking. We used them for a preschool rocket project where they could "blow" their paper rockets.  Color Scheme was... read more »

Didnt last long

03 Jan, 2020
Was looking for a cell phone holder for our second car.  As we live in Florida, anything with adhesion or suction is going to be out most of the year as those products will either melt or become... read more »

Soft and fits well

23 Dec, 2019
I hate plain colored black men’s socks.  Besides them disappearing in the bottomless pit of the washer, I hate matching them and remembering any distinguishing characteristics between socks... read more »

Sizing Off

23 Dec, 2019
Purchased this swimsuit for my daughter. Aqua colored top and polka dot bottoms.   The bottoms were high waisted and really cute but the top was incredibly small and she was falling out of it.&nb... read more »

Coloring Changing and Wifi!!

23 Dec, 2019
We have multiple wifi color changing bulbs all over our house.   Hubby originally didn't like them but has become very comfortable with them and wanted some for his office.  We have a va... read more »

Nifty Easy Storage

23 Dec, 2019
When we moved into the townhouse, my daughter had to go back to sharing a bathroom with her older brother.  Besides the obvious guy/girl issues regarding cleanliness (though I admit my daughter h... read more »

Makes Clean up easier

17 Aug, 2018
I never really have understood how the fridge gets to be so messy.  I mean the containers have secure lids, the condiments have lids, the bottles have lids - so how do we end up with so many spil... read more »

Love the lock screws

16 Jul, 2018
We use carabiners everywhere.  We use them with keyrings.  They are fantastic for clipping items together for storage. We used them for camping. My daughter uses them to attach to her water... read more »


16 Jul, 2018
My daughter runs cross country and was looking for a new armband to hold her phone.  She normally uses wireless headphones so our primary sticking point would be an armband designed to hold the l... read more »

Fantastic Paper Cutter

03 Jul, 2018
After 10 plus years of science fair, school projects, girl scouts and who knows what other projects, my paper cutter was ready to kick the bucket.  It was so prehistoric the thought of a replacea... read more »

Too cute!

22 Jun, 2018
So I am a huge Star Wars nerd.   Though I identify more old school, my absolute favorite character is BB-8.   We had a Death Star herb grinder, or weed grinder as my son affectionally calls... read more »

Definitely a Space Saver

15 Jun, 2018
One of the biggest things I miss about our house was the closets, second only to my garden tub.  Walk-in closets, closets with large shelves, a large shelved pantry – I always had enough sp... read more »

Good quality dress belt

11 Jun, 2018
I will admit it. Pep comes first for almost everything.   Then Hunter. Hubby is third and I'm always last. I think I need to do something about that.  My current task was to find hu... read more »

Love the Grommets!!

27 May, 2018
**Note: Have not been able to hang up as intended due to non stop rain in South Florida.   We have wanted a movable large screen for projecting movies and presentations from a tablet, phone or... read more »

Accurate and fun too!

27 May, 2018
If you need pH test strips for Chem Lab or to test your tap water or water on the go, or even yourself, this litmus paper roll by Sonkir is perfect. The paper roll comes in this awesome dispenser tha... read more »

Decent sound quality

27 May, 2018
So we have two versions of these Ifecco Bluetooth over the ear Headphones.   They are both in a pretty rose gold color and both of my kids indicate they have a decent sound quality.   They a... read more »

Decent Airbud for the price

27 May, 2018
Life these days seems to make it almost impossible to have full attention on any one conversation or topic.  I know we need to learn to make time, but sometimes that just isn't an option. &nb... read more »

Ok Sound - Love the micro SD card clot

27 May, 2018
My son is incredibly hard on his headphones and has absolutely NO problem permanently borrowing his sisters.  Bling, Girl Scout logos and pink and rose gold colors will not deter him.  He te... read more »

Functional Charger

19 May, 2018
As much as I would like life to slow down a little, it seems we are always on the go.  When Hunter started going to tech school all the way across town, I found myself spending four to five hours... read more »

Nice Sound and Comfortable

19 May, 2018
I was amazed we almost made it a whole school year without replacing headphones. I am totally in favor of completely wireless headphones. My daughter wanted to go back to over the ear and wanted a col... read more »

Handheld Shower Head

06 May, 2018
My daughter has really long thick hair and we were looking for a handheld shower head for her bathroom.   We found the CRW 3.7″ Adjustable Handheld Showerhead on Amazon and decided we would... read more »

Make the switch!

06 May, 2018
I used to love to cook but I hate to clean up.  I would throw everything in the dishwasher if I could.    And there is nothing more fun that coming home and finding a sink full of dishe... read more »

Great nail grooming kit!

31 Mar, 2018
 Over the years we have purchased a numerous nail kits.  On a good day, you might find a pair of baby clippers, or an old pair of tweezers.  Clippers in this house are kind of like sock... read more »

Powerful 5 in 1 Electric Shaver

09 Mar, 2018
This little shaver is more powerful than you would expect it to be. The shaver comes with a nice stand and five different heads for the beard, facial hair, sideburns, eyebrows and nose hair trimming.&... read more »

Really Like these freezer packs

09 Mar, 2018
Really love these freezer packs by Magicfly. I love that they are large (7.4*7*.5) and thin. They dont last the whole day but they do last four to five hours. Even better they are 100 percent BPA free... read more »

Really like the idea....

07 Mar, 2018
I really wanted to like this King Camp Solar Shower. My daughter was interested after her week of primitive camping and after having no power for nine days after Irma, some warm/hot water would have b... read more »


25 Feb, 2018
When Pep started flying, normal sunglasses wouldn’t cut it and she would only wear aviators.  In the last two years, we have gone through about ten pairs.  Some were poor quality, a pa... read more »

Requires a little patience

22 Feb, 2018
        Since joining CAP, Pep spends a lot more time outdoors. Surprisingly she has had more skin issues since she left the gym. She hates having any kind of acn... read more »

Cute Holiday Shower Curtain

09 Feb, 2018
I have been looking for a Christmas themed backdrop for a project we are doing next year and saw this Santa one and had to get it.   I just took it out and hung it up so it still has wrinkles whi... read more »

Nice Fit - Had a Defect When arrived!!!

08 Feb, 2018
It's hard to believe it has been two years since Pep gave up cheer.   I know there are days I miss it and there are days where I think deep down she might miss it a little......but just a lit... read more »

Decent duo brushes

12 Jan, 2018
Living in Southwest Florida, make-up is not something we do on a regular basis so if we take the time, it is important that it looks good.  My daughter spend a great deal more time and money on m... read more »

Easy Set up

05 Jan, 2018
WiFi Smart Plug from ToCode is a little larger than my other one. The rectangular shape allows full use of the outlet above it or below it. Easy set up- just hold button for five seconds until it star... read more »

Nice Sound Quality and Lightweight

01 Jan, 2018
Found these Lobkin Neckband Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon.  This is my first neckband headset. My hubby has had a couple different pairs he has used for work. The first two pair he had would jus... read more »

Easily Control Electrical Devices

31 Dec, 2017
We are slowing moving some of the items in our home over to Smart Devices for better control and access.  After purchasing an Amazon Echo, we decided to try a smart plys.  This Mini Wifi Sma... read more »

Very Nice BiFold Wallet

31 Dec, 2017
Very impressed with hubby's new wallet from Fancystyle. Genuine leather that smells like real leather. The quality is fantastic.  This Bifold wallet is big enough to hold what he needs and sl... read more »

Nice Fit

29 Dec, 2017
As an athlete, my son prefers compression style boxers.  I wish he wouldn’t wear them all the time.  He wanted the snugness and fit of compression boxers but the feel of a soft pair of... read more »

Sturdy Windshield Mount

27 Dec, 2017
I originally tried a vent clip cell phone mount and they totally scratched up my vent. This iproduct has the option for a vent mount but I totally love this Iproducts us cell phone windshield mount. E... read more »

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