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Nov, 2017

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I swear iv grown about one inch

21 Sep, 2020
Since I have bought this amazing product, I'v grown about one inch. I am about 5"10 now ( I was 5"9 ) I am 21, Im a male, and I have only been using this for about a month or two. Its ac... read more »

Excellent pair of bow tie and suspenders!

02 Apr, 2019
Man oh man, the bow tie and suspenders for men. I personally think that they look pretty good. I think the fabric feels very nice for both the bow tie and the suspenders, very smooth feeling.... read more »

Very nice

07 Dec, 2018
Man oh man my girlfriend loved this.  I bought this for Christmas for my girlfriend because she said she liked it. The quality of it is wonderful, it's very soft and she says it's very... read more »

Works great

03 Dec, 2018
I bought this for my girlfriend because she was interested in it. My beautiful woman is plus-sized so we used the comments to find out what size would fit her best. We got an extra large and when i... read more »

Awesome warmth

03 Dec, 2018
Man, this thing is pretty sweet. I bought this thing seeing that it had warming capabilities and brother, it sure as hell did. I wouldn't expect people to understand the level of satisfaction I... read more »

Great deal, great product.

01 Dec, 2018
First of all, I'd like to start this review stating that I am a guy. Now since I turned 16 I have had a problem with my eyebrows ( I am 19 now ) and tried several different tweezers, I hav... read more »

Feels great!

01 Dec, 2018
When I bought this my girlfriend was very excited and anxious to try it out with me. It came in the mail about a day or two ago, once it got here I showed the package to my beautiful woman and we i... read more »

Feels great

01 Dec, 2018
I have been needing a set of nail clippers lately so it was about time I purchased these little bad boys. I work at a mill and I often get my nails really dirty so having this in my pocket at the e... read more »

Works great

01 Dec, 2018
It worked great! I was very happy about this purchase because I have really been needing one of these lately. I have about five things that need to get plug in my smart T.V. and this helps. Because... read more »

I fricken love it

28 Nov, 2018
Man-o man, This is probably one of the coolest / my favorite things that I have bought on Amazon in a while. I occasionally busk in front of my local dollar tree, and I have thought about purchasin... read more »

Works great

27 Nov, 2018
I got this in the mail a day after thanksgiving X( But its okay because we got Christmas coming up :) Anyway I still got to test it on a ham that we that we got and decided not to cook till later,... read more »

Feels great

27 Nov, 2018
Wonderful feeling, well actually pretty realistic. I just got this in the mail a day ago, my girlfriend saw it among-st some other packages ;) got excited and brought it to the bedroom. We hasti... read more »

Very nice

26 Nov, 2018
It did exactly what I was trying to accomplish with it. I have had absolutely no problems either. Very quick set up and easy to use. I was trying to set up my desktop to my T.V. but my poor little... read more »

Great for training

26 Nov, 2018
I bought this expecting a couple nice collars and I got exactly what I expected. Of course naturally you would try this on yourself before your dog, I did and it was perfect. Not to much of a shock... read more »

Awesome present

25 Feb, 2018
I gave this to my sister for christmas. Her name is Ariel and when she saw this she died laughing and told me she thought it was a awesome present. I thought it was pretty nice too, I wore it for a... read more »

Sweet adapter.

25 Feb, 2018
I use this every day to date. It still works after three-ish months and I couldn't have made a better purchase. Listening to my music and charging my phone at the same saves time lol. Than... read more »

Wonderful gift!

25 Feb, 2018
When I bought this I had no idea there would be so many different slides! My grandma loved it, I gave it to her for christmas and she uses it for every available holiday. Wonderful thank you! read more »


25 Feb, 2018
My girlfriend absolutley loved it for our ttwo year anniversary! I also loved it, I found it very erotic, and pleasing ;) Thanks guys!! read more »

Dope little portable stand

29 Nov, 2017
I actually didn't know it was portable till I got it but it pretty awesome that it is. read more »

Dope microphone

25 Nov, 2017
Has very nice sound quality and great range for such a small mic. Very good if your making videos. read more »

Works Great

21 Nov, 2017
Nice little tuner great for Guitar and pretty damn good price. read more »

Awesome little Tambourine

21 Nov, 2017
Its totally awesome to play my guitar and use this guy together. Awesome thanks guys. read more »

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