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Jul, 2017

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28 Oct, 2017
This is powerful. While obviously used for more fun activities this does infact works great to loosen up muscles. Boyfriend and I love it after a hard day of work. I love how this is waterproof and... read more »

Wish it was beach weather

28 Oct, 2017
The color on this is vibrant and looks amazing. I want to know how well this will end up after a wash with the edges. I hope it doesnt fray. I'll update once this happens. Ready for this beach wea... read more »

She loves it

23 Oct, 2017
Got this for my cousin, who loves DBZ, and his wife, who likes cooking. She loves this thing! Haven't seen it in person yet but I know that I will. S is excited to grab some herbs from her gard... read more »

I love this.

20 Oct, 2017
This is delicate and sexy looking. Came in time and am thinking of buying one for my friend and her boyfriend. Bought  this as a surprise for mine and he adored it. Little stretchy, and defini... read more »


17 Oct, 2017
I like when my feet start to peel. Within two weeks it's like brand new feet. Looking forward to next time. They're easy to slip on and then keep on with socks; I usually end up relaxing... read more »

Ready to use.

17 Oct, 2017
Haven't actually used this yet. Came before I expected it to which was a plus as far as the mail foes in itself. As far as the product it's heavy, solid, and I don't think there will be... read more »

Smells good

17 Oct, 2017
Smell was good. Otherwise it didn't do anything for me, even after taking a hot bath before I put these on. Came on time, wouldn't try again though. Better luck next time as I usually love... read more »

Ready in red.

28 Sep, 2017
Utilizing for my cousin and his wife as hey are avid hikers and I am hoping they love it as I had liked the ones that I use on my excursions. Well made, small packaging. This is awesome and I love... read more »


28 Sep, 2017
This is beautiful. Round shape with straightedges. I'm super excited for this ass a gift. Clear resin. No bubbles.  Would purchase for another. The chain seems like it would hold up well on a... read more »


15 Sep, 2017
Came quicer than annticipated. in a small white box wrapped in bubble wrap fpr safe keeping. All in all I think this is a neat thing to mess with. I'm using it as a gift for someone (head start... read more »

Two thumb up.

09 Sep, 2017
Cheaper and to be honest I feel a lot better than what I can buy for close to $100 in store. Kids have been playing with these nonstop. Comes with alphabet inserts for the square pieces, as well as... read more »

Wish I had one too.

25 Aug, 2017
This thing is awesome, I wish I had bought one for me. It's bright enough to cast light all over the room but dim enough to be utilized as a night light. You can move it so it doesnt seem like... read more »

First alarm clock

25 Aug, 2017
I lilke the options that come with the clock. My son started kindergarten this year and loves it. The only issue that I am finding is that whenever I set the alarm the alarm never actually goes off... read more »

Innolife- Roadtrips

27 Jul, 2017
Came well packaged and on time. Used this for a road trip not very far, stayed in place well. Took a moment to get it to stick but I love that I can use it in both my car and others. Makes thing... read more »

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