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Feb, 2017

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i am a hair artist by trade! i love getting things to review! i am pretty up to review anything and i never turn down a product unless its a crazy amount of money! i'm pretty much go with the flow kind of person i guess you could call me a hippie lol!!! i love incenses oils diff users and lots of boho jewelry pretty much any of that stuff i have a 5 year girl who loves any toy you can think of she loves to review like i do! i have 3 dogs 3 cats a bearded dragon! i like to read and paint and color and do surveys !
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very nice

18 Dec, 2019
This little tree was is super cute! it is super bright almost like,a night light my daughter has been using by her bed to sleep at night and we turn it on most of the time instead of the big lights in... read more »

Very nice for the price

05 Dec, 2019
my hubby used it for my daughter computer so that way we didnt have to run a wire all the way though the house and it works awesome! read more »

nice clothing for dolls

18 Oct, 2019
these were made really nice! they fit the dolls good there was not anything hanging threads ! the shoes were made really well too she really liked these outfits and they were excatly what was pictured... read more »


18 Mar, 2019
thia was kind of crappy it didnt work really well h0neslty read more »


18 Mar, 2019
my mom uses this all the time she likes it a lot it is perfect for her to use read more »


18 Mar, 2019
my grandma loved this it was perfect for her i loved seeinh her smile when she got it read more »


18 Mar, 2019
these are perfect! some of them come with batteries in them so you wont need much read more »


18 Mar, 2019
IT was a great buy and it was awesome and my daughter loved it! read more »

Great thing !

18 Mar, 2019
this is super cute and warm my dufghter loved it so much! read more »


10 Jan, 2018
bought as a gift and the person loved it read more »

super cute little light

10 Jan, 2018
they sre very nive however they are very flimsy and they browk as soon as we triews to use them read more »

in love

10 Jan, 2018
i am in love with this they are very sparkly and they stay on super read more »


10 Jan, 2018
ver nice i like it read more »


18 Dec, 2017
a little smaller than i lot but i i think they are just fine for what i bought them for so they are great for the price i paid ! read more »


14 Nov, 2017
 this is a really awesome little lamp ! read more »

decent kit

14 Nov, 2017
amazing little kit and i love it ! read more »


05 Oct, 2017
This was very cute but it broek with in a matter of days ! i feel like maybe a tad stronger chain would make it hold up better overall i lovethe look of it ! read more »

love this

05 Oct, 2017
my kid is in love with these headphones! she was so excited when we got them out of the mail box !!! she love that there are 2 settings on the light one that stays on then one that lights up ! and the... read more »

Nice `

05 Oct, 2017
SO far so bood i like the smell ive only been able to burn them in  flat burner! I would love to have one of the smoke waterfalls that they go into ! read more »

Very bright

05 Oct, 2017
super cut little light ! my daughter loves it and it super light she can take it withhere in the middle of the night when she get uo to use the restroom however i wish it charged in stead of batteries... read more »

this is a really good product

27 Sep, 2017
i like this a lot it works like it say i was suprized by how good good it works ! it is super water proof and it is easy to charge and store away for future use ! read more »

amazing for the price !

27 Sep, 2017
i got this for my hubby and he likes it a whole lot! it is super big a lit bigger than i imnaged it was going to be it is super easy to keep clean and super durable! read more »

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