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Dec, 2016

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i've been an amazon reviewer for over 5 years. since the big change- i started a blog for reviews. i also do social shares of product links on facebook, twitter and if it's a really great product- i'll do a youtube video!
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great for organizing

21 Feb, 2018
So far, this has been it is great for keeping all my kids stuffed animals in one place and gives them something to sit on. The seams seem to be holding up well thus far. There is a handle on the top f... read more »

High Quality Carafe

21 Feb, 2018
This one of the best carafe's I have ever used. It comes with a wonderful neoprene sleeve jacket that easily zippers off for washing. The pourer is awesome for minimizing splashing and spills. The... read more »

Great Nesting Containers

18 Feb, 2018
We are constantly in need of containers for food. Wether it is for leftovers or for fruits and veggies, we need quality containers. They get stained, melt or lids get lost. They take up too much space... read more »

Charges quickly

18 Feb, 2018
Really happy with this 5 port USB charger hub.Topoint's docking station holds all my devices in one place and keeps them organized. They charge quickly. It even came with 3 charging cords. read more »

Easy to install

05 Feb, 2018
My dogs love to ride in the car with me but their hair gets everyone. Having one of these seat covers makes it easy to travel with the dogs. It's easy to install in the car and keeps them in the b... read more »

Keeps them afloat

05 Feb, 2018
Was really happy with the performance of this life jacket. I love to take my dogs to the beach but want them to be safe. My lab is getting older and needs a little help sometimes. It's easy to get... read more »

Car smells great

21 Jan, 2018
This portable USB air humidifier is pretty cool. I love that i can have a diffuser in my car and use my essential oils with it. It plugs into a usb port, which i have connected to my cigarette lighter... read more »

Super Easy to use

21 Jan, 2018
Ive been wanting to try a smart plug for a while. I loce the idea of being able to control lights and electronics from my phone and potentially not having to get up at night to turn out the lights. It... read more »

So far so Good

08 Jan, 2018
I really like these retractable hoses because they dont take up a lot of space and are lightweight. The old style of hoses are so bulky and heavy but generally, are less likely to spring leaks. This h... read more »


08 Jan, 2018
This wrist pad is perfect for laptops. It's the perfect length. It's not too tall either like most wrist rests. It provides great support for the wrist .  read more »

Bold and Colorful Markers

08 Jan, 2018
I love coloring and drawing in my spare time. These dual tipped markers are great. The colors flow evenly and write smooth. There is minimal bleeding. They are comfortable in my hand. The caps fit tig... read more »

Works Awesome!

06 Jan, 2018
We needed a light for our bathroom at night but have no outlet to plug into. It needed to be small . This light is perfect and bright!  It is motion sensored and turns on easily.  It stays o... read more »

Fast Charge

06 Jan, 2018
Since getting a new phone- that doesn't use standard charger,  I had no type C cords around.  I purchased this one from CSHope because I like that it's 5 feet long.  It charges... read more »

Bright and Colorful

29 Dec, 2017
Super awesome disco ball light. it is easy to operate and really works for even a larger room. there is a remote to change to colors, strobe, etc. It can even pulse to the beat of the music. Very cool... read more »

Super Warm Gloves

28 Dec, 2017
We live in New York where winter is very cold.Thick gloves are absolutley necessary to be outside from november to march. The temperature has been beloew zero all week and these gloves have made going... read more »

Fits my guitar perfectly

21 Dec, 2017
Super happy with this lightweight aluminum capo. Its fits on my acoustic and bass. It springs open easily and stays in place exactly where i put it. read more »

Helps with dog barking

27 Nov, 2017
We have dogs that seem to bark at everything. I really didn't want to use a shock collar so this Bark Control Collar was a nice alternative because there is no shock. Just sound and vibration. It... read more »

Works for any Keurig

27 Nov, 2017
I purchased these for my Keurig Original. It's a year or 2 old. I have spent a lot of money buying the kcups from the store or online and i was looking for a cheaper alternative for coffee. Buying... read more »

Performs it's duty

23 Nov, 2017
Easy to set up wig stands. Can fit anywhere and great to travel with. No isses falling over from too much weight.  read more »

Beautiful Sound

23 Nov, 2017
This Mugig 4/4 Violin is a great beginner violin. It includes everything you need including rosin and a high quality case. It is literally brand new, so it take a little longer to set up as the bridge... read more »

Great for The dishwasher

17 Nov, 2017
This brightly colored and easy to read Dishwasher sign by Vila is a great tool to have in the kitchen. There are 5 people in my house and all 5 are capable of recognizing the different colors. The Red... read more »

Easy set up

29 Sep, 2017
Eaay set up and super comfortable to lay on no mater where you are. beach, backyard, soccer game. It requires nothing to set it up and it can hold severl kids at once! A great product worth every penn... read more »

Amazing kit with everything you could ever need. Amazing Seller too!

29 Sep, 2017
This kit was absolutley amazing. It had every piece i need to go on my vacation with. Everything was sturdy, nothing broke and it was easy to use. The carry case that came with it to hold everything k... read more »

Great for Acne scars

31 Aug, 2017
I'm in my mid-thirties now and the fine lines and wrinkles on my face are getting noticeable. I also have acne scars that i had since i was 16. I’ve been looking for products that will help... read more »

Easy to set up- Great and colorful

31 Aug, 2017
Topoint Colorful LED Illuminated Backlit USB Wired Computer Gaming Keyboard for PC is super easy to set up. It plugs in through USB port. The settings are easy to understand as far as colors and modes... read more »

High Quality Hammock

01 Aug, 2017
Skywin's Hammock arrived and I immediatly set up. This is a complete set with everything needed to set up. It includes ropes and carabiners. Find 2 trees or other sturdy items and attach ropes... read more »


13 Jul, 2017
This set of Chinese Lanterns is a great touch to my outdoor decor. They could easily be used inside or outside. The do require an outlet to plug in. There are 10 mini lanterns and each one is bright a... read more »

Easy to Use

13 Jul, 2017
This set of Russian piping tips by Kestilos is amazing. It's super easy to use and the results look like a professional decorated the cake. The kit has everything you need- several different tips,... read more »

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