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Magnetic band

10 Mar, 2018
This is brilliant Hubby always dropping screws etc this is brilliant as they sitck read more »


26 Feb, 2018
This are brilliant sicks them to the wall and put flowers in ppl beenbasking wherewiwhe got thwm read more »


26 Feb, 2018
Son is so loving having this bag he's a very happy chat asah lives texhtgear read more »

Bedroom light

19 Feb, 2018
GrandsonGbad problems with setts Etton a night time this has helped him settle  read more »

Tea set

16 Feb, 2018
Granddaughter loves it get aacupa  of tea every time I go now  read more »

Screw pulls

16 Feb, 2018
These are brilliant little tthing Hubby loves them read more »

Push pull cars

16 Feb, 2018
Love these my gragrands played for ages and lots of giggles  read more »

Air clay

27 Jan, 2018
Love it. We took up caramics a while ago and decided to try this one and it's brilliant. Drys quickly  read more »

Frying pans

27 Jan, 2018
Lovely pans. Everyone asks where I've got them from. Has no problems with anything sticking to it so far read more »

Book lights

27 Jan, 2018
Hubby loves it he's wanted on for ages. Lovely size and we'll made  read more »

Smart bulb

17 Jan, 2018
These are great and now I have them in all rooms read more »

Light fitting

17 Jan, 2018
I already have one at the bottom of my stairs so now have one at the top of the stairs. Everyone says how lovely the fitting is.  read more »

Bath toys

17 Jan, 2018
OMG my grandson so loves these we have none stop giggles from him getting in the bath  read more »

Phone case

17 Jan, 2018
Lovely quality well. Made read more »


17 Jan, 2018
These are really well made. Material is of high quality. And fit very well  read more »

Car organiser

17 Jan, 2018
Brilliant well made fits to the car with no problems.  read more »

Fitness watch

17 Jan, 2018
My other one broke. And this one is better lots of different settings to keep track of different things  read more »

Soap dispenser

04 Jan, 2018
Brilliant no more soap bars laying around. Smart gadget  read more »

Christmas seat covers

02 Jan, 2018
These are fantastic had so much fun with Xmas  read more »

Chair cover

02 Jan, 2018
These are fantastic had so much fun with Xmas  read more »

Robot hover

20 Dec, 2017
Wow brilliant little thing this is. I'm disabled so this has come in really handy  read more »

Building blocks

20 Dec, 2017
Perfect lovely and strong. Grandson is gonna love them he loves building  read more »

Fidget cube.

20 Dec, 2017
First time I've tried these. Quitting smoking perfect for keeping my hands busy using this  read more »

Dog lead

19 Dec, 2017
Lovely small and fits in the hand nicely very light also  read more »


19 Dec, 2017
Brilliant little tool. Perfect for stairs beds car  read more »

Shrimp cave

19 Dec, 2017
My Shrimp love it been going in and out none stop. Well made definitely recommend  read more »

Head set

19 Dec, 2017
These are great my grandson has got new console for Xmas so these will fit in nicely  read more »

Fishing game

15 Dec, 2017
Grandson is gonna love playing with this in the bath.  read more »


12 Dec, 2017
These are great almost all rooms have one in now kids think it's great when they use music in the room read more »

Dog paw cleaner

10 Dec, 2017
Wow brilliant little tool. This is dogs we're unsure at first but now a part of their routine  read more »

Snowflake ❄

10 Dec, 2017
Lovely size and very sparkling snow Flakes.  read more »

Snowflake ❄

10 Dec, 2017
These are lovely Snowflakes. Nice size and even come with the ties already one. Definitely getting more  read more »

Hair set

09 Dec, 2017
Lovely little set for different hair styles  read more »

Snow light

03 Dec, 2017
Perfect grandson loves it. Sits in the garden on a night time  read more »


02 Dec, 2017
Brilliant piece of equipment this is. Sound is amazing using this. Definitely recommend  read more »


25 Nov, 2017
These are brilliant. So much more hygienic than using a dish cloth or sponge  read more »

Gaming headset

25 Nov, 2017
Perfect for my son who is a big gamer read more »


21 Nov, 2017
Brilliant for keeping fingers busy am quiting smoking so this is keeping my fingers busy read more »


19 Nov, 2017
Just what my daughter needed  read more »

Puzzle cude

19 Nov, 2017
I loved these when they first came out many years ago. Now there is so many new ones I'm collecting them all  read more »

Dream catcher

19 Nov, 2017
Wow this is beautiful. Well made and plenty of detail read more »


19 Nov, 2017
These are so soft I got then for my granddaughter as she loves bows. One happy girl. Love the softness on them and no double colours  read more »

Guitar accessories package

12 Nov, 2017
Wow this is perfect it has everything in it that she will need  read more »

Discaleing tablets

11 Nov, 2017
Perfect done what it's ment to so no problems  read more »


09 Nov, 2017
Excellent quality. Been looking for a while now and finally found one  read more »

Male to male cable

09 Nov, 2017
Brilliant well made been looking for one good quality  read more »

Finger exercises

09 Nov, 2017
Brilliant way to strengthen up my fingers after time away  read more »


09 Nov, 2017
Brilliant for the piano  read more »

Baby instruments

09 Nov, 2017
Wow this is just so oooo super cool. My grandsons is going to love it  read more »


06 Nov, 2017
Lovely and comfortable to wear sit nice in the ear. Sound is fantastic also  read more »

Finger exercises

05 Nov, 2017
Perfect for what I need it for  read more »


24 Oct, 2017
Beautiful quality. Love the length and width of this it's so long  read more »

Cat ears

24 Oct, 2017
Well wow my granddaughter loves these. One happy girl well make  read more »


20 Oct, 2017
My grandkids are going to love this. You can make key rings earrings so much fun to be had with this  read more »

Meditation bracelet

20 Oct, 2017
This is beautiful comes in a lovely gift box. Well worth it  read more »

Garlic press

13 Oct, 2017
Fantastic I have problems with my hands lot of pain. This is fantastic little tool read more »


11 Oct, 2017
Grandkids are going to have so much fun with these. Nice for them and easy to wash off  read more »


10 Oct, 2017
Lovely little one this. Can go nicely into a handbag if your going on holiday.. Night e and light. Highly recommended  read more »


06 Oct, 2017
Perfect for grandkids. Making a door into a giant black board so they will have loads of fun with these  read more »


06 Oct, 2017
Lovely quality. Granddaughter loves beauty and the beast so it's going away for santa  read more »


06 Oct, 2017
These are brilliant not only for puppy training but can use it to tell grandkids it's nanas special line to santa lol  read more »


03 Oct, 2017
Wow this is a brilliant set love the fact it comes with a nice . Little bag to keep them in. Comes with large comb and a smaller one  read more »

TV lights

30 Sep, 2017
Love these around my TV. Sets TV off nicely. So easy to use also  read more »

Fit watch

26 Sep, 2017
Really good this for the price it does so much heart rate sleep monitor. Blood pressure Steps etc read more »

No show socks

26 Sep, 2017
Wow these sock are Amazing so comfortable and I can wear them with all my shoes  read more »


20 Sep, 2017
Brilliant little gadget. Perfect for son in law as a Christmas present  read more »

Phone socket

17 Sep, 2017
I have not put this on a phone yet as it's going away for Christmas but I've been playing with it and it's quite addictive  read more »

Air pods

15 Sep, 2017
Brilliant idea saves wired getting tangled up and having to spend hours trying to unravel them  read more »

Oil diffuser

15 Sep, 2017
I've been looking at getting one of these for a while now. So took the plunge and got one and I am over the moon I did. It's lovely looking and changed light colours and there are different se... read more »

Knee brace

15 Sep, 2017
Been looking for something that is comphy to wear and don't irritating my knees this is fantastic to wear  read more »


10 Sep, 2017
Brilliant for the garden keep all the bits and bobs away safely  read more »


10 Sep, 2017
Brilliant these so many things u can do with them deffenty a must for the kitchen draw  read more »


08 Sep, 2017
Thank you. Now on the look out for more of your cases. Daughter will have one for every day of the week at this rate lol.  read more »


08 Sep, 2017
My daughter is loving these. I've never known anyone to collect phone cases. Have as many phone cases as she does thank you  read more »

Ear piece headset

08 Sep, 2017
Brilliant little gadget. Sits nicely in the ear. I have gave it to my daughter so now she won't need to have her phone next to her ear when walking down the road etc. So it's turned into a saf... read more »

Brilliant phone case

06 Sep, 2017
Perfect for my daughter she is forever dropping her phone. Now I know her phone is safe read more »


06 Sep, 2017
Daughter is over the moon with this case. All her friends want one  read more »

Phone case

06 Sep, 2017
Brilliant little case this can't belive how many people comment on it  read more »

Sound bar

03 Sep, 2017
Wow the sound from this little box is amazing so loud and very good quality... Perfect for taking my music into the garden. Also being able to use the. Buttons to change a song is great as. Not lookin... read more »


02 Sep, 2017
Wow these are really really nice handles. I wasn't sure about the quality with the price but I recommend these to anyone  read more »

Mic review

02 Sep, 2017
Fantastic. My daughter is a singer and tried this out on her mac book when recording and she said it's one of the best ones she has used. So one happy singer with something so small. And she has h... read more »


29 Aug, 2017
Perfect. Gone away for Christmas. Nice stocking fillers. Thank you  read more »

Brilliant phone case

25 Aug, 2017
Brilliant didn't think Hubby would like it but as always I have good taste and he loves it.... Thank you  read more »

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