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Shopper will be chosen based on thier Social media Platforms, 
And not based on their Amazon profile Rank.
So, How can you get more approvals? Read more>>

In today’s status quo, it’s as if internet has the capacity to supply oxygen into one’s body, 
Who wouldn’t want a large number of followers? That tells me why you’re here. Read more>>

If you are here, You are probably a reviewer. Maybe a successful one, maybe not yet. But what makes a reviewer be successful? The word? The Tone? The Products he gets? We asked many great reviewers what makes them different. 10 points, 5 minutes of reading, have fun! Read more>>

We all know it's not easy at all to get likes and followers on Facebook. Even our friends, when we invite them, maybe 10% will like & follow our page. Today we will show you how to create a business page with hundreds/thousands of likes and followers, in a few minutes! Read more>>

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