Amazon Promo Codes Common Errors - Coupon Code Does Not Work

You have requested a Coupon Code, Waited,  then you got the approval email. Amazing!

Unfortunately, the coupon didn’t work for you. frustrating. You can Report the Coupon and let the seller know that there is an issue, but before you do that let's have a double check, and make sure we made everything right. There are few kinds of errors, we will learn about all of them.

Common Errors of Amazon Coupons

“The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase”

General error. Try to refresh the page and try again. If it still not working, follow these steps:

Make sure that this is the only item in the cart, and you don't have any other active discount code.
Check if you are buying from the right seller. Some of the sellers ship the item from their warehouse and the default is FBA shipment.
Clear the cart and choose again the right variation.

Sometimes this Error appeared when there is a Bug in Amazon systems, and the coupons will never work.

If you get this error time after time, for different items, you might want to check with Amazon, maybe there is an issue with your shopper account.

“Expired Coupon Code”

Please report the Amazon Promo Code, We will remove the promotion from the website after check.
Expired Coupons means that the seller deactivate the coupons from Amazon and there is no way to claim them.

“The Promotion has not yet begun”

Every Promotion on Amazon has its own start date and hour. Even when the seller creates the promotion and he sees it as active, it takes 4 hours for the promotion to be active. if you get the message that the promotion not yet begun, wait 4 hours and try again.

“Invalid Coupon Code / Not valid Coupon Code”

The Coupon is One-Time-Use Promo Code and already redeemed by other shoppers. Please report the Coupon and we will remove the promotion after check.

“The Promotion Code has already redeemed”

First - Refresh! If you have not used that code before or purchased the same item with a different code from the same group codes, the discount will work.

If nothing work, please report the coupon by clicking the REPORT button next to the nonworking code. we will get the report and also the seller. the seller will be able to contact you via email and send you a new code.

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