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Florida Home Comfort Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag (6 Pack), Activated Charcoal Bags , Car Odor Eliminator, Closet Freshener, Odor Absorbers for Rooms

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Where Is the Best Place to Put an Air Purifying Bag? 500g clean air purifier bags contain enough bamboo charcoal to deodorize a bedroom or kitchen while 200g, 75g bamboo deodorizer are well-suited for use in cars, closets, fridge, gym bag or shoes How long does it take to neutralize odors? Unlike Air Freshener Vent Clips, air purification bags do not emit any odors, making it difficult to determine if odor absorbing bag is doing its job. It usually takes several days for the air in the room or car to become fresh. How do I know when it is time to replace my air purification bag? A timely monthly recharge will keep the closet air freshener like new for many years. An odor removal bags near the end of its life will become heavier and you will begin to notice an unpleasant difference in the smell of air. How Do I Use a Bamboo Charcoal Bag? The first time you use a bag to clean the air, you should place it in direct sunlight for about an hour, as ultraviolet light triggers natural odor absorber bag. It usually takes only a few days to notice the difference in smells of air. Each month, you will need to charge room air fresheners by placing sunlight in the same way that you first bamboo charcoal bags.

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