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18 Pack Fruit Fly Trap Yellow Sticky Fungus Gnat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Insect Catcher for White Flies Mosquitos Fungus Gnats Flying Insects Houseplant Gift for Flower Lover (A24 18+6)
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Description: rnrn* Most flying insects are phototaxis. They like bright colors. Making use of the phototaxis of flying insects, the trap can effectively attract and control flying insects, protect plants, and reduce damage.rnrn* The insect trap is in bright yellow, odorless, it is made of high-quality adhesive, no harmful drugs, natural pest control way.rnrn* Those indoor mosquito killers are very suitable for catching and attract fungi, whiteflies, black flies, thrips, fruit flies, mid and other flying insects.rnrn* Suitable for outdoor or indoor plants. Sunlight and flower shapes can make your potted plants look special.rnrn* Waterproof and UV resistant, long service life.rnrn* The fungus trap made of paper and the high-quality adhesive has a bright yellow color. The glue will attract flying insects, trap them, control insect pests, and interrupt the reproduction cycle.rnrnSticky Fruit Fly Gnat Trap Packing List:rnrnFlower shape * 3rnrnBird shape *3rnrnButterfly shape *3rnrnCat shape * 3rnrnHouse shape * 3rnrnPetals shape * 3rnrnholder * 6rnrnWire hook *18

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